What is Gua Sha?

A lot of people suffer from neck and back pain these days. They want to find a solution this health issue as soon as possible, many even go to Complete Home Spas. But this solution might come from China. Yes, from the Chinese can the solution come, and its name is gua sha.

What is gua sha?
Gua sha is a Chinese medical treatment that scrapes your skin. This will produce a light bruising on your epidermis in no time. Practitioners of this type of medical treatment believe it can unleash many unhealthy elements of any injured area in your body. It might also help you to stimulate both healing and blood flow in your body over time. English speakers refer to Gua sha as “coining” or “spooning” these days. A practitioner of this treatment will repeat many pressured strokes over your lubricated skin. He or she will use a truly smooth edged instrument.

Gua sha is said to help you relieve your pain and ease many other medical issues over time. Though you might not get a solution or your ailment, you will feel better overall. This might be the health improvement you need to find a true solution to the basic health problem in your body. If you have respiratory issues, gua sha might be the solution to this problem. If you suffer from chronic neck pain, you will have tons of benefit if you use gua sha these days.

People with foot problems, Achilles tendinitis, leg issues, and back pain can get tons of benefit from gua sha these days. A specialist will be scraping your skin with a spoon. What he wants to find is an area where your muscles are tight. This is where the pain might be hidden from you. They will be working hard to get rid of any restriction in your skin over time. If you feel a lot of tingling in your body, this might be an indication that you need to use gua sha as soon as possible. This is a great way of finding pressure points in your body, as they will present themselves.
How to Do It

Find out where your muscles just feel knotty or tense. Use a gua sha tool to scrap along any tense area in your body. You should always move towards your heart. This will allow you to move the lymph in the right direction. To make this process even better, a lubricating oil can help you a lot. Olive oil, sesame, and coconut will do the trick in no time too. You need to create enough friction for the problems to get out of the skin in no time. Gua sha can also be used in the bath with success.

Now that you know more about gua sha, take bold action. This means that you need to try this treatment out as soon as possible. If you have been experiencing tons of issues with your back or neck, gua sha can be the solution to this problem these days too. By harnessing the power of gua sha, you might find what you have been seeking for a long time these days as well.

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