What Makes A Restaurant Successful?

There must be hundreds of restaurants in your city, but you do have your favorites and may not like certain others. You choose a place because of your love for particular cuisines, the chefs who take care of your special requests, the service of the people who attend to you, the environment of the premise and the location of the place. So plenty of factors do play a role when it comes to deciding what makes a restaurant great include;

So one of the most important things to me when it comes to restaurants is the decor. Whether it’s quirky and fun, classic and vintage, modern and chic or sophisticated and classy, the decor of a restaurant is integral to a good experience. As proven by theĀ best restaurants in Marrickville.

The Ambience: This will depend on what class of a restaurant it is and what kinds of people visit the place. A fast food joint will have a different set up than a restaurant that serves English wines and a formal four-course meal. But the lighting of the place, the volume of the music if any, the furniture, the decor and the crockery on the table are things that can attract or turn off a customer. And therefore ambiance planning is important.

Price: Whether or not you’ve had a good meal, if the bill comes in looking like it plans to empty your wallet, then you’re just not going to feel satisfied. So value for money is something that I look for in a good restaurant.

A server who comes over promptly: This is one thing that you appreciate as you enter the restaurant premise. You feel welcomed when someone comes over to take your order and answers all your questions about the Menu politely, patiently and intelligently. True, restaurant workers are busy people, but great service is all about attending to customers’ needs and doing it better than competitors. A warm face with friendly gestures and polite mannerisms is always welcome. In fact, it’s quite a delight when you have a good waiter. Rude and grumpy waiters don’t make you feel welcome

Food comes quickly and at once: There’s only so much one could elaborate on ideas of good food. It differs from person to person, but for me, good food isn’t that which leaves me satisfied, but that which leaves me hungry for more. The person who takes your order should also ensure that it is delivered without keeping you in waiting for long. This is largely about coordination between the servers and the chefs.

Respect for food choice of people: As some people around the world are now turning vegans, this is a universal factor but holds particularly true for Indian restaurants. Vegans or vegetarians do not like to eat at places where their favorite food picks odor/pieces or is stirred with ladles that are also used for non-vegetarian items. A restaurant that invests in multiple resources for good business should also take care of this aspect to ensure more success of its practice.

The flexibility of service styles: Home delivery of orders is a popular part of service by pizzerias around the world. Almost all popular pizza restaurants have dine-in and takeaway or home delivery services. This flexibility needs to be adopted by more restaurants. Not everyone may have the mood or energy to get dressed and sit in a formal ambiance for meals. A restaurant must give them the convenience of well-packed dishes that can be enjoyed later at home.

Restaurant business belongs to the service industry and service must be tailored to customer’s needs for success in this field.

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