Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the science that uses the healing powers of essential oils. Aromatic essential oils are distilled from organic plant sources. These plants produce many natural phyto chemicals. Thus, essential oils have diverse therapeutic effects on the mind, body, and spirit.

The most popular Natural Essential Oils in Aromatherapy are given below with their importance and significance for the human race. In ancient time, the technique of extracting essential oils originated in the various regions after that this technique went to all over. Learn more at

Essential Oils in Aromatherapy and their importance.


Basil helps to relax and loosen up the muscular stress and tension. It exceptionally assists in neuritis and majorly recommended to apply onto the spine, upper back, neck, and lower back.


Lavender is one of the most versatile essential oil in aromatherapy due to many reasons. It an effective stress relieving oil. It can even protect and cure a person suffering from flu, migraine, and cold. Numerous massage and spa center use it to make their customers and clients relax.

Even a working person who does long hours of shift can also use it before bedtime by dripping few drops of it on the pillow to have stress free and relaxing sleep. Lavender oil possesses great quality such as an anti-inflammatory decongestant, diuretic, deodorant, sedative, antidepressant, and antiseptic.


is an effective room freshener due to its soothing fragrance but in spite of this, it possesses numerous other health benefits also such as it enhances concentration, help in digestion, cure acne and problems like arthritis. Few drops of lemon oil in diffuser are enough to increase energy level. Lemon oil is good to cure issues like skin irritation, digestion, headaches, fever, and circulation problems.

Tea Tree

Tea Tree oil the only Natural Essential Oil that used abundantly in aromatherapy. It amazingly improves skin condition, burns, immunity, & cuts. Most of the shampoo, lotions, and beauty cream manufacturing companies use this due to its healing power. Apart from these qualities, it used to remove muscular aches, Athletes foot, dandruff, and the flu.


Sandalwood is extracted from the chips of a mature tree. Therefore, it’s expensive oil with numerous medical advantages. The fragrance of sandalwood acts as a stress releasing agent and this can also in chest pain.


There are two types of Chamomile plants such as Roman Chamomile and German Chamomile. It’s a stunning antidepressant, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and calming agent. It can be used as a mixture with massage oil and used through the diffuser.


Possesses very strong sweet fragrance with incredible stress releasing power. This oil is extracted from the flower of a tropical tree through distillation. It is used for skin care, hair growth, headaches, and digestion problem. However, this oil can be use through a diffuser or lotion made by adding few drops of it with cream.

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