A basic guide to Makeup Storage & Makeup Tips

Perhaps, once or twice at least, you have found yourself looking for a particular lipstick, pulling out several of them before finding it (in the end having your room littered with lipsticks and other makeup products). Well, you need to organize your makeup stuff. This article has provided a basic guide to makeup storage to help you organize yourself. Also, read on for some top makeup tips.

Makeup organization and storage.

You need a makeup Vanity.
First off, there is some excellent basic furniture you can get for makeup organization. Makeup vanities come in different sizes and shapes so you can choose the one that fits well in your space, we would personally recommend the makeup storage cube. Get yourself a simple makeup vanity with a place for your mirror and beauty items.

In case you space is too small to accommodate a makeup vanity, get a carpenter (or anyone with basic carpentry skills) to make you a simple shelf to use as your vanity. See to it that the shelf is at the right height. You can choose to have two cute small baskets mounted on the wall underneath the shelf for some extra storage space.

Storage ideas.
• Get a large glass jar and fill it two-thirds with, say, coffee seeds, beans, or rice and then use this to store your makeup brushes, of course with the brush-side up. This way, you will access them easily, and they won’t get dirty or dusty quickly.
• A spinning office stuff tray is another great option for storing your makeup collection. Your brushes should be safe in the longer slots used to hold scissors, pens, and pencils. The other smaller and shallower compartments will be perfect for stuff like lip gloss and earrings.
• You probably bought your make products in a bubble-wrap pouch. You can use such bags to store products like shadow squads and other smaller items.
• Use an old jewelry box to store your lipsticks. Remember to store them the color tags side facing up so that you can access the right shade quickly.
• You can use a kitchen utensil tray to organize your makeup products beautifully. It would be perfect for your mascara, combs, eyeliner, lip wands, and other such products.
• Turn old candle holders on their sides, glue them together into a pyramid (for instance, three at the bottom, two in the middle, and one at the top) and use them to hold items like chic lip gloss.
• Use a tiered platter to arrange all your makeup products. It can hold almost all your beauty products.

Basic makeup tips.
Here are some tips that will help you apply your makeup like a pro.
– As much as possible, use a large mirror. Not only does this reflect maximum light on the face, but also makes it possible to gauge yourself properly as an entirety. It is often difficult to balance out when you can only see one lip or eye at a time, right?

– Do not apply foundation or concealer on the eyelids to serve as a base because often, this makes the eye makeup to crease easily.
– Warm concealer in your palm before dabbing it on your skin as this thins its texture to make the coverage smooth.
– For sheer coverage, use fingers to apply foundation, for full coverage, use a brush.
– Get used to applying powder at your shiniest spots first (like the T-zone).
– To have your close-set eyes appear farther apart, apply the eyeliner on the outer corners only then have the line like a millimeter beyond.
– Trace over your eyeliner with an eye shadow brush with powder to prevent it from disappearing.
– Putting bronzer on the chest, neck, and face evens out your skin tone.
– To apply lipstick evenly, you should always begin at your cupid’s bow extending out to corners before blotting.

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